Who are we ?

Our history

AGROBIODRÔM is the fruit of a passion : the Organic agriculture.

In 1990 a group of organic producers in Drôme, Ardèche and Provence decided to federate in order to promote the regional organic agriculture and build the basis for a partnership cooperation among each and with their clients.

The Drôme-Ardèche-Provence region with its ideal location in the south of France and the great geographical diversity is an extraordinarily rich growing area for organic agriculture and one of the most beautiful “gardens of France“.


Currently, AGROBIODRÔM delivers 700 professional clients  with the products coming from 400 farms our associates and cooperation partners.

Our mission ?

The marketing of the organic agricultural products of our associates, as well as to promote their development and their technical and economic organisation.

Our vocation ?

Special characteristics are required in order to fulfill our mission:

  • Knowledge of the market, the numerous requirements and the development their consumers
  • Development of the agriculture and sustainability
  • Trade, storage, conditioning and shipping of the products
  • Compliance with deadlines and liabilities with our clients, partners and suppliers

The challenge ?

In order to guarantee the freshness and quality, quick and effective decision making is indispensable while operating in an unpredictable environment.

And how is this possible ?

It is at the same time very complicated and very simple… It’s complicated because we must be efficient in different fields of activity : creating subsidiaries, selecting the right varieties, marketing, packing and preparing the orders, having a full control on deliveries… And keeping calm (or almost !)…

… And it is very simple, because « only passionate people can do this job in the long term without losing their minds » (said Eric K.). « My daily obsession is to get better everyday, and to keep our passion and involvement », in this plurality of professions which require a particular expertise, while withstanding the pressure and protecting human values through my relationships with the teams, the producers and the customers. No matter the difficulties of the profession.

Who are our clients ? 

Wholesaler, organic shops, supermarkets, cafeterias, catering companies, producers.

Relationship with our producers and suppliers

Contrary to other business models we don’t expect our producers to enter into liabilities towards us. We are engaged to market the products to the full satisfaction of our producers in order to maintain a long lasting partnership.


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SARL de producteurs de fruits et légumes biologiques | Growers group of organic fruits and vegetables