The Demeter certification 

Demeter is the first reference label for biodynamic agriculture worldwide. Demeter France, an independant organization (but still federated to the association Demeter International), is in charge of the control and labelling of the french farms and companies.

Located in Colmar, Alsace, Demeter France mandates an accredited certification body to carry out checks and to certify companies and farms. For any company wishing to use the Demeter France seal on its products, it is obligatory to be certified organic and to be certified Demeter, and as a consequence, to respect the conditions imposed by the organization.

Here at AgroBioDrôm, biodynamy is our favorite agricultural model. This type of farming is characterized by a certain wisdom from the old agricultural world, where every person was connected to the Earth and nature and respecting both lunar and planetary calendars. This universal vision reunites the traditional farmers from all around the world : Africa, Middle East, Asia, South America and more. But obviously, it does not keep us from having a modern and scientific vision of problems. You will find below our company’s Demeter certificate, valid until June 30th, 2021.

Our certificate Demeter France:

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